Press Release For January 21, 2020  
2018-2019 Hospital Parking Lot Violation Statistics – Interior Health

Another BC health authority reports high parking ticket payment delinquencies and cancellations.

[DELTA] Hospital stay, why pay? Once again British Columbians are learning that a majority of people who received a parking ticket while attending a public hospital last year refused to volunteer a payment.

Interior Health provided the documents to the activist group by way of a Freedom Of Information request. The disclosures follow only 24 hours after the group reported the violation revenue stream enjoyed by the parking management company handling Island Health facilities. The two health authorities use different contractors which resulted in some variation on compliance with the FOI questions. While Island Health offered insight into how staff impacted the statistics, Interior Health and its contractor partner refused to disclose financial figures.

Some of the notable findings from the April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 period for all Interior Health hospitals:

  • 19,401 parking tickets were issued, only 8,068 tickets were paid.
  • 3 staff members had their vehicles towed, but not a single vehicle belonging to a patient or supporter was removed from a hospital parking facility.
  • Based on the standard $57 ticket issued throughout Interior Health facilities, it is estimated the private company took in roughly $460,000 in violation collections last year.

The violation statistics are available for examination by individual health care facility. Please refer to the accompanying table for these details.

Hospital stay, why pay?

A summary of violation statistics that have been disclosed to date can be viewer here

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2018-2019 Hospital Parking Lot Violation Statistics – Interior Health
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