Press Release For September 9, 2019

Pay Parking Revenues Spike At Interior & Northern Health Hospital Facilities

As expected, the hospital pay parking scheme generated even more revenue for the 2019 fiscal year with all Health Authorities posting increases well in excess of the rate of inflation.

[DELTA] British Columbians continue to shovel money into parking meters at public hospitals throughout the province despite widespread opposition. All five Health Authorities posted their most recent consolidated financial statements and the much hated pay parking cash cow hit another all time high of nearly $36.4M combined.

Hospital patients and their supporters in the Okanagan will find the figures especially troubling. When Interior Health CEO Susan Brown told Kamloops This Week in December of 2018 that hospital pay parking “is always on the radar, one way or another” she wasn’t kidding. The whopping 13.3% annual increase reported by the Health Authority serves notice that hospital administrators are willing to further exploit patients to continue accessing this easy source of revenue – a source that is always on their radar.

Hospital Pay Parking – 2018 vs 2019 Revenues

Health Authority 2018 Fiscal Year 2019 Fiscal Year Difference ($) Difference (%)
Fraser Health  $    14,974,000.00  $         15,471,000.00  $             497,000.00 3.32%
Coastal Health  $      5,537,000.00  $            5,688,000.00  $             151,000.00 2.73%
Interior Health  $      5,328,000.00  $            6,036,000.00  $             708,000.00 13.29%
Island Health  $      7,889,000.00  $            8,159,000.00  $             270,000.00 3.42%
Northern Health  $          713,000.00  $            1,034,000.00  $             321,000.00 45.02%
TOTALS  $    34,441,000.00  $         36,388,000.00  $          1,947,000.00 5.65%



There is a better solution to how we access health care by private vehicle. is where the discussion is taking place and we need support from British Columbians to make reform happen.

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Parking Revenues Up Again For Fiscal 2019

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