Free Parking Near BC Children’s Hospital – Not Good Enough.

If there was one segment of our population that deserved to be granted preferential access to health care, it would be children. These are the members of society who are totally reliant on others when in need of medical aid. If we’re going to agree to have a specific health care facility built just for treating children, then we need to accommodate the practical needs of the worried and stressed out parents that make the hospital visits possible. The pay parking trap at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver is forcing many to comb through nearby streets to find free parking. Local residents probably aren’t thrilled. Parents of children registered at the hospital, even less.

I recently did a Google search analysis on common search terms related to BC hospital parking. The most common search was for “free parking near BC Children’s hospital”. How much time and effort should parents, in the terribly unfortunate position of having to take their child to Children’s Hospital, have to spend on their strategy to avoid the exploitative pay parking system? The fair and reasonable answer is ZERO. The reality is much different as evidenced by the Google search analysis.

What kind of individual or group of executives makes the decision to run a money making pay parking scheme on the backs of sick kids? It’s disgusting, it’s disgraceful and like all hospital pay parking, it’s exploitative. As a society, we can and had better, do better than this.

Free Parking Near BC Children’s Hospital – Not Good Enough.

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